Rabu, 02 Januari 2013

Daftar Lagu yang dinyanyikan Member Super Junior

Daftar Lagu yang dinyanyikan Yesung Super Junior :

It Has To Be You
Waiting For You 
The First Poem 
I Am Behind You
Love Really Hurts
Your Eyes (ft Kyuhyun)
A Person Of Destiny
And I Love You (ft Luna )
My Love By My Side
Are You Ready
Doll (ft. Leeteuk) 
Kiss Me
Love R
PainFully Loving You
For One day
Free To Fly
Gathering My Tears
Looking At The Picture
I Do
Things I Can’t Do For You
The More I Love
One Man
Even Loved The Pain
I Only Know Love
I’ll Love You
One Day
Loving You
I Love You
Even Thought It Hurts
A Man
Saranghagi Ddaemooneh ( Ft. Sungmin and Ryeowook)
wind flower
don't say goodbye
The Trap of North Gate

 Daftar Lagu yang dinyanyikan Kyuhyun Super Junior :

1. Hope is a Dream that doesn't Sleep (Ost Bread, Love And Dream)
2. Listen... to You (Ost Pasta)
3. Snail / Dahl Paeng Ee
4. That Man (Ost Secret Garden)
5. If It Was Me
6. Smile
7. Puff the Magic Dragon
8. 7 Years of Love (Lagu ini pernah dipuji Siwon lewat tweetnya)
9. I Believe (Ost My Sassy Girl)
10. Miracle for You
11. Bed Song
12. Like the First Time Feeling
13. Bu Rang Wo De Yan Leipei Wo Guo Ye
14. Inhyeong / Doll
15. Jal Jinaeyo
16. Nayeosseumyuhn
17. Ways of Breaking Up (Ost Poseidon)
18. Just for One Day
19. Happy Bubble (ft. Donghae)

Daftar Lagu yang dinyanyikan Ryeowook Super Junior :

1. Smile Again

2. Coagulation
3. Just like now (ft Donghae)
4. Falling in Love With a Friend (ft. Beige)
5. Insomnia (ft. Beige)
6. Wish (ft. Kyuhyun)
7. A shell Necklace (ft Yesung)
8. If You Love More

Lagu member Super Junior individu lainnya :

1. Heechul & Ki Bum (Can It Be Love)
2. Heechul (Don't Walk Away)
3. Heechul ft M&D (Close Your Mouth)
4. Heechul (First Star)
5. Leeteuk ft Joo (Ice Cream)
6. Leeteuk ft Krystal (Grumbling)
7. Leeteuk & Shindong (Please) 
8. Shindong (Eve Warning)
9. Donghae (Spokes Man)
10. Donghae & Kyuhyun (Happy Bubble)
11. Sungmin (I Akilla You)
12. Siwon (Motnajyo) 
13. Ki Bum (Suddenly)